The OnePlus 12 will step out on the world stage this January and it won't be alone

The OnePlus 12 in white
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Next month will be a major milestone for OnePlus. Not only will it release the OnePlus 12 outside of China on January 23, the OnePlus R series will finally make its international debut.

This news comes from company co-founder and CEO Pete Lau who made a post on the OnePlus Community website celebrating the brand’s 10th anniversary. He didn’t post a full specifications list. Instead, Lau briefly touches upon a few key points like the fact the smartphone will be powered by the “latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform”. On the back is the fourth generation Hasselblad Camera for Mobile sporting a 64MP telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom and it’ll be available in Flowy Emerald green. That’s everything Lau reveals about the model as he leaves out a surprising amount of information.

However, if we look at the Chinese release, we can flesh out the phone. 

It'll come with a 6.82-inch, QuadHD Plus (1,440 x 3,168 pixels) resolution display capable of outputting a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Peak brightness is set at 4,500 nits – “almost double that of most competitors.” The device will be given a generous helping of memory; up to 24GB of RAM. The 64MP camera mentioned earlier will be paired up with a 48MP main camera and a 48MP ultra-wide option. Other notable features include a maximum storage of 1TB as well as a water resistance rating of IP 65.

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No word on pricing at this time, but in China, the base model retails for CNY¥4,299 which is about $605/£480/AU$920. The higher-end configurations naturally cost more, roughly $815/£645/AU$1,240.

Mid-ranger launch

When it comes to the R series, phones from the line have been exclusive to India and China. But now, the company states it’s “finally expanding its horizons” as it plans to launch the OnePlus 12R. There’s very little official information about the smartphone, however, details about it leaked earlier this year.

According to GSMArena, the 12R is essentially a mid-range version of the OnePlus 12. It’ll run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset rather than the Gen 3. The hardware will be backed up with 256GB of storage and up to 16GB of RAM. The rear camera array is said to be led by a 50MP main lens, a 32MP telephoto sensor with 2x optical zoom, plus an 8MP ultra-wide option. 

The screen measures 6.7 inches outputting “1.5K resolution” at a refresh rate of 120Hz. GSMArena isn’t 100 percent sure how many pixels that is; although it presumes to be 1,250 x 2,772 pixels just like the OnePlus 11R. Also, the display will have a slight curve to it and may be available in a Pearl White. 

Just as before, the official price tag for the OnePlus 12R is unknown, but we could look at the previous model, the OnePlus 11R, to gain some idea. That phone retails for ₹38,000 which is roughly $460/£360/AU$680, so we could see a similar cost, maybe a bit more.

We reached out to OnePlus for clarification on the launch. Will all this be US-only or will European users receive the devices at the same time too? This story will be updated at a later time.

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