Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Xcover 7 has had its specs and power leaked

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5
The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 (Image credit: Samsung)

One of Samsung’s more interesting – albeit niche – smartphone lines is the Xcover line, and a new entry in this rugged series could be landing soon, as the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 has been spotted on Geekbench.

This benchmark listing was found by MySmartPrice, and it reveals a mid-range MediaTek chipset. While the chipset isn’t named, its specs point to it being the Helio G99 or the Dimensity 6100 Plus, the latter of which supports 5G.

What we do know though is that – at least according to this benchmark – it has 6GB of RAM and runs Android 14, and it achieved a single-core score of 663 and a multi-core result of 1,867. For reference, the Samsung Galaxy S23 has average scores of 1,857 and 4,910 for single and multi-core, respectively. So the Galaxy Xcover 7’s scores don’t impress, but this phone’s focus isn’t power.

Instead, like the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro and Galaxy Xcover 5 before it, this is a rugged smartphone that’s designed to withstand far more extreme environments than a typical handset.

Designed to be durable

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7

(Image credit: Android Headlines)

Recent renders of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 also leaked on Android Headlines, and they show off a durable build designed for grip and shock absorption.

Based on these images, the Galaxy Xcover 7 has just a single-lens rear camera, and a removable back, which should mean this is one of those very rare handsets with a removable battery. That means you could carry a spare with you to swap in when it runs low, which is ideal if you’ll be away from a socket for an extended period.

It’s also shown to have large bezels and a likely customizable button, similar to the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

So in all, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 will probably be aimed largely at extreme sports enthusiasts and people who work in environments that are unfriendly to phones, like building sites.

It’s not clear yet when this phone will launch, but the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro landed in late June, so perhaps we’ll see this around the middle of 2024. Then again, as this doesn’t appear to be a ‘Pro’ model, it’s possible it isn’t being positioned as a direct successor to that, and therefore may well land sooner.

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