Nothing fully reveals the CMF Phone 1’s design and camera specs – and it looks like a budget beauty

CMF Phone 1
(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)

Nothing has been a breath of fresh air in the phone industry. We loved the Nothing Phone 2 when we got our hands on it last year and now some fresh teasers have got us looking forward to the imminent release of its new offering, the CMF Phone 1. 

The CMF Phone 1's design and camera specs have come directly from the company's official X (formerly Twitter) account. As expected, the phone offers impressive specs for a budget-friendly price. Whether it will make it onto our list of best cheap phones is yet to be seen, but it's certainly shaping up to be a contender.

First up, in the big reveal from Nothing, is the 6.67-inch Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This promises to be a bonus for daily web browsing, but will also provide a super-smooth refresh rate for either gaming or scrolling. The addition of HDR10+ support and 2000-nits peak brightness should also keep images looking bright and vibrant.

The CMF Phone 1's design is classic Nothing; it's different and pretty out of the box. The rear of the phone includes a detachable clip that enables different functionality, including the attachment of a carabiner clip or a stand to position the phone at 45 degrees. This enables a high level of customization, which isn't always the norm on the best phones.

The leaked pictures show a beautiful-looking case and there are four screws on the back, which we can only assume make the rear of the case detachable. This would be an amazing feature, allowing for batteries or other parts to be more easily replaced.

Then there's the camera. The CMF Phone 1 will feature a Sony 50MP camera with an f/1.8 lens, which is solid in terms of resolution and aperture. There's no mention of optical image stabilization or the precise sensor it uses, but there are a number of advanced algorithms, including Ultra XDR, which promises to transform under-exposed images into brighter ones.

Alongside the quirky design and more than respectable camera, there's also a Fingerprint On Display (FOD) sensor that secures the phone invisibly under the display, ensuring quick and secure access.

Nothing aims to make phones fun again

CMF Phone 1

(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)

The CMF Phone 1's design might not be for everyone, but it promises to offer something different in a sea of homogenous rectangles, and all at a reasonable price.

The inclusion of customizable attachments and a detachable cover are features rarely seen on phones these days. Even though this type of phone is unlikely to appeal to the masses, Nothing clearly thinks there's a market out there for people who want more control over their phones.

As well as an innovative design and capable camera, the CMF phone will have plenty going on under the hood as well. A new Dimensity 7300 processor and mainboard are the brains of the phone.

Considering this is likely to be a budget-friendly phone, Nothing could have stripped back a lot of features. Instead, we see the inclusion of 16GB of RAM for smooth multitasking and fast storage, sensors like a digital compass for navigation and motion sensors for movement.

To keep everything running, Nothing has included a 5,000mAh battery that promises to last for two days straight or handle 22 hours of non-stop YouTube. While we don't yet know pricing, previous leaks from 91mobiles have suggested that the phone will be available for Rs 18,000 in India, which converts to around $215 / £170 / AU$320. All of the official details will be revealed at the next Nothing Community Update on July 8 at 5am ET / 10am BST / 7pm AEST.

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