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iFit Active review

A practical fitness tracker with an impractical price

iFit Active review

Our Verdict

The iFit Active works as a standard introductory fitness wearable with durable jacketing and long battery life. It's unfortunately overpriced and relies heavily on its buggy app that requires manual loggings everyday for your complete dietary and exercise history.


  • Approachable introductory unit
  • Incredible battery power
  • Strong sleek design


  • Way Overpriced
  • Buggy syncing
  • Dependent on app

Everyday, electronics constantly evolve by adapting to meet our lifestyles, like health. The last years saw the rise of wearable technology, a market focused on a product designed for active humans, recording their dietary, exercising, and sleeping habits.

Besides wearing an old black Casio watch to monitor swim lap time, I've never touched a "wearable." So for an entire week and half I wore the iFit Active, a wearable that could tell the time, automatically record steps, total distance walked, the amount of calories burned, and sync via bluetooth to a smartphone with a dedicated app allowing for more detailed analysis.

ICON Health & Fitness, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of exercise equipment, has grounded itself in specializing in treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bikes. The company recently jumped into the ever-growing popular market of fitness trackers.

Enter the iFit Active, a "3-in-1 wireless activity tracker" with a conventional approach for logging your calories, steps, meals, and sleep patterns. In the broad range of fitness trackers of every fitting, the iFit Active takes a bare bones approach with its sheer simplicity through form and function without overstating itself as anything else but a tool for tracking.

iFit Active review

It is nowhere near the immense interactivity and beautiful display of something like Samsung's Gear Fit, but instead, shines in its straightforwardness by mainly focusing on simple functionalities of logging.

The iFit Active works as a pedometer, automatically recording every step that you take as well as the distance you've traveled and the number of calories you've burned. You can manually log in how many calories you've consumed as well as record your sleep cycle. This data is sent off to its dedicated app, compiling it in detailed illustrated records. It also serves as a watch, and displays both date and day.