iFit Active review

A practical fitness tracker with an impractical price

iFit Active review

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The actual unit of the iFit Active is a lightweight black little module called a "tracker pod" that can be outfitted with its included hard rubber wristband and a clip that you can fasten to your waistline or pocket.

The wristband's strap has two plastic prongs that stick into a series of holes, allowing virtually a one-size-fits-all guarantee for users. To assure the band is absolutely secure, a slider sleeves the area where the prongs are snapped in, assuring the wrist band doesn't fly off when you're running.


The iFit's wristband feels as snug and heavy as a digital rubber watch, and overtime, becomes a second skin. If you're not much of a watch wearer, you can fasten the iFit's clip virtually anywhere on your clothes' edges (e.g. sleeves, collars, socks, pockets.) Depending on where you've placed it, the clip can become less noticeable than the wristband.

iFit Active review

It's not recommended you hold on to just the tracker pod alone, as the little hard component can bounce around without clinging to anything. The included rubber jackets are made to assure the iFit sticks with you without having to consciously worry about potentially losing it.


The iFit Active's tracker pod has a small rectangular LED display, illuminating blue tinted text in all caps upon interaction. It functions primarily through two even buttons on its top and bottom. Press the top button to display the time, day, and date for ten seconds.

Pressing the bottom button multiple times will navigate through a selection of text sliding from the right, displaying labels for activities of calories in, calories out, steps, distance, and net calories. Leaving an activity idle drops down an associated number tied in with your selected data.

iFit Active review

Holding down the bottom button enables a sleep mode. The iFit Active will ask if you're going to bed, and then start recording the time of your sleep. Once you wake up, you'll have to click the bottom button again, signaling you're awake, thus storing your hours slept. You can program the exact hours you plan to workout and sleep so the device knows when to start and stop. A silent alarm can be set to vibrate you awake in the morning.

You can record the calories of each meal directly through your iFit Active by pressing and holding the top button. There, a display label will read, "LOG. CAL" and you can add or minus calories in increments of 50.

The iFit Active includes a USB cable for recharging. At the end of this cable, you'll find a unique set of protrusions used to connect the tracker pod's contacts with, along with a strap to fasten it in. A full charge will take roughly six hours.