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Xbox One update will automatically put your TV in 'Game Mode'

We already knew that the Xbox One is getting support for 120Hz displays as part of the April system update. But the rollout is also adding an AV-focussed feature that even more gamers can take advantage of.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X owners with compatible TVs will be able to make use of a feature in which the Xbox automatically knows to tell your TV to switch its low-latency "Game Mode". 

For those not familiar with gaming modes on TV sets, it reduces input lag, or the time between your button presses being reflected on screen for more responsive play.

Audio and Mixer improvements

On top of the above and 120Hz updates, Microsoft is also introducing some other new additions to the system's functionality.

Those that like to listen to SoundCloud or Spotify audio whilst gaming will be able to pop an in-game volume mixer to balance between game audio and tunes within the guide. Spatial audio support for those with surround sound systems is also being introduced.

And finally, a patch to the Mixer app will allow for remote controller sharing in the streaming service, letting viewers take control over a game stream, either by using a virtual in-browser pad, or by plugging in a controller when on a PC or console. 

It makes for a significant update overall, especially for those that have invested significantly in the AV gear surrounding their system.