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It's official: Pebble Time is now the most-funded Kickstarter ever

The Pebble Time
A lot of people are after this watch.

Since it broke through the $13.3m barrier a few hours ago, the Pebble Time has officially become the most well-funded project in Kickstarter's history. The previous record holder – a clever cool box – now has to settle for second place.

The original Pebble smartwatch, having amassed $10.3m in donations, held the Kickstarter funding record for a long time. Of course Pebble has cheated a little on this occasion, announcing the Pebble Time and then the Pebble Time Steel through the same campaign page.

The team behind the smartwatch were originally looking for just $500,000 but we're now way beyond that. You can still get your hands on a Pebble Time by pledging $179 (roughly £116/AU$228) or above, or a Pebble Time Steel for $250 (roughly £163/AU$319) and higher.

Choose your measurement

"Most-funded" isn't the only way of ranking these campaigns – you could look at the number of backers too. Pebble Time has 61,997 (and counting), the cool box 62,642 and the original Pebble 68,929.

Compare that with the 219,382 backers who chipped in for the card game created by the Oatmeal's Matthew Inman, or the 91,585 people who helped fund the Veronica Mars movie in 2013.

So be careful when calling the Pebble Time Steel the "most successful" Kickstarter the next time you're talking tech with your friends. However, it's now the clear leader in terms money raked in.