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The weird and wonderful PCs of Computex 2019

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Every year Computex brings forth some truly weird and wonderful things. While there's some great tech on the show floor that's worth looking at, we couldn't help but notice a slew of rather interesting PCs being showcased at various booths.

Now, some of these PC cases are created purely for enthusiasts to marvel at, but we would be kidding if we didn't admit that some of them would look right at home here in the TechRadar offices.

So here's our collection of the best and most unique PCs seen at Computex this year.

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Dubbed 'The Time Traveler', this PC mod by Ron Lee Christinason was born out of his love for sci-fi, steampunk, anime, fairy tales, and lore. It features a mechanism that rotates on top of a journal, while a wooden chest houses the actual PC itself.

This mythical water-cooled creation is certainly something that looks straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

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We're not quite sure what Enermax were thinking with this PC build, but we're open to suggestions. A slim PC is housed within this bicycle structure, which you can essential jump on top of and ride away on should you feel the need to suddenly burn off more calories than double-clicking spreadsheets.

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This incredible scorpion PC build houses an RTX 2080 graphics card, a 1TB SSD, and some top-level PC components. We're not sure how we'd ever explain the story behind this build, but it's certainly one that will keep people steering clear of your desk.

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This 'Indy Laser' PC build looks like something straight of a Final Fantasy videogame. If you never thought your PC could be used as a weapon of justice, well think again. 

This massive PC certainly is impressive with its water-cooling setup, but the mere thought of trying to pick it up like a sword is both hilarious and slightly concerning.

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This PC case from FSP features dual chambers for two water-cooling systems, so there's no danger of anything overheating when you're cranking up your games to the highest quality settings. 

It did remind us of a Transformer of sorts, so it would be wise to keep your distance just in case...

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This adorable little build from Bykski looks like it belongs on the deck of the Enterprise, but its cute looks hide an i9 processor, RX580 graphics card, and a custom water-cooling system.

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The Comino Otto at the Asus booth features some very deft engineering, with some impressive components packed into an incredibly tiny enclosure. 

Featuring an i9 processor, RTX 2080 GPU, 1TB SSD, 2TB hybrid HDD, and water cooling, its tiny size packs some serious punch.

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The ancient Egyptians would probably appreciate this build from Azza, who were showcasing some gravity-defying PC cases at their booth. Featuring a mesmerizing water-cooled system with custom lighting, this is one PC that is sure to impress anyone who comes across it.

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We singled out this PC case simply because it looked like a literal block of ice. The brains over at ElmorLab dubbed this the 'IceCube', and it's cooled down to -50C thanks to a Nitrogen gas atmosphere. Cool enough for you?

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PC cases modded after videogames is a popular sight, and this build inspired by Apex Legends is no different. There's some great attention to detail here, and while it sadly isn't mobile, it still makes for very impressive tech to drool over.

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We really don't know what InWin was going for with this PC case, which looks like something straight out of an Alien movie. The lightweight yet strong case is meant to mimic a skeletal structure, but we just don't know if it should be placed on a desk or hung from the ceiling. 

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Nothing says 'keep away from the PC' than tacking on a turret to it. Thankfully it's more for visual charm than actually taking someone out, but we'd be careful just in case.

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This gorgeous PC features shiny copper piping, a central water tank, and plenty of bolts and gold plating to grab anyone's attention.

Styled after a typewriter, this would look perfect in a quiet little study while you ponder over your next screenplay or your next PUBG match.

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The Blade-X is crafted out of smooth aluminium, and features dual water-cooling systems to keep everything nice and cool. 

The 'X' design props the entire system up so that airflow is also kept optimized, which makes this setup truly X-rated - get it?

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Probably our second favorite build, this beast combines a liquid-cooled PC case with keg. That's right, now you can pour yourself a frosty one while you're waiting for your games to install, and judging by the crowds of enthusiasts surrounding this machine, it was clearly love at first pint.

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If you need a constant reminder of one of the greatest shows that ever aired, then this gorgeous PC mod is just for you. Bend the knee to this incredible feat of engineering, and lay out your plans for world domination at a smooth 120fps. 

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