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The LG G6 may be able to fast charge wirelessly

LG may be reintroducing wireless charging to its next flagship smartphone.

Today LG announced it will be making a 15 Watt wireless charging pad - technology which was revealed back in March this year – available to the public to charge your smartphone without having to plug it in. 

The new wireless charging pad is three times stronger than existing options and can charge your phone by up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Early next year?

That’s a similar speed to the cabled fast-charging tech we’ve seen on phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and even the LG G5.

The strange thing is the LG G5 doesn’t support Qi wireless charging. 

The LG G3 and G4 both supported Qi wireless charging tech, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise for LG to decide to pack the technology into its next flagship phone.

LG’s latest release, the V20, also doesn’t include wireless charging capabilities, so you’re going to have to use another Android phone if you want to use the LG built pad.

We expect the LG G6 to launch in April next year, a year after the release of the G5, with one rumor suggesting it’ll come with a tempered glass back instead of a full-metal unibody like last year’s flagship. 

James Peckham

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