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Six months of Windows Vista

Six months have passed since we first got on the Vista bus

You might not believe it, but it's six months since Windows Vista first hit the shelves. So to celebrate its half birthday, we've put together a potted diary of the OS's first few months. First it was a young upstart, then every hacker's dream and finally the cause of some rather unsavoury comments from Acer's president.

There's little denying Vista has been somewhat of a success, even though few PC manufacturers are shouting from the rooftops. Sales so far stand at over 60 million which means that next year Windows installations will pass the billion mark, according to Steve Ballmer, speaking at the end of last week.

"If you stop and just think about that, parse that for a second, by the end of our fiscal year 08 there will be more PCs running Windows in the world than there are automobiles," he told analysts.

Microsoft was also keen to reinforce Vista's lack of exposed vulnerabilities, with 12 discovered over the first 180 days of the release cycle. That compares with 25 for Windows XP in the same period after its 2001 release.

Windows Vista's six month report card