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This is Google Fit, Mountain View's entrant in the health and fitness tracking race

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Google wants you to stay healthy, though of course it wants you do so using its solution to your fitness needs.

Enter Google Fit, a new platform to "help users keep better track of fitness goals" announced during the IO keynote Wednesday.

The platform relies on a single set of APIs "to manage data on apps and sensors" coming in from various devices, including wearables. Partners like Nike+, Adidas and RunKeeper will utilize the Google Fit platform to keep people on track of their fitness goals.

Google is opening the platform to developers so they can incorporate Fit into their fitness-app routine. The SDK will go live in a few weeks' time.

Google Fit's announcement comes a few weeks after Apple announced HealthKit for iOS 8. HealthKit works in much the same fashion: gather data from various health and fitness sources (in Apple's case, mostly apps), and translate that info into digestible data snacks for consumers.

Which tech titan's fitness platform reigns supreme? Since neither is available to the public yet, it's hard to say.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Michelle is a Senior Content Writer at 8x8. She was previously an editor at TechRadar, a leading consumer tech news and reviews website. Now she’s focused on helping small businesses reach their goals.