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Vodafone to include tethering in data bundles

Vodafone moving to free tethering
Vodafone moving to free tethering

Vodafone has announced it will be changing its data plans to allow users to tether their phones as part of their data bundle.

As smartphone usage has increased rapidly in the last year or two, users have become increasingly irate at their inability to connect their smartphone to a laptop or tablet and use it as a modem with the data they are already paying for as part of their phone contract.

O2 and Three have already allowed tethering as part of their data bundles (although the amount varies wildly between the two) and now Vodafone is following suit, according to a recent forum posting:

"We'll be shortly introducing new price plans that will enable both new and existing customers to utilise tethering features as part of their data bundle on all devices which support the capability."

Nothing to say yet

"While we can't give you the details of pricing and availability at the moment, the changes will make it easier for customers to manage their overall data use and expenditure.

"The new price plans will accommodate occasional, light and heavier data users and more information will be made available in due course."

It seems likely that this will include both iPhone and other smartphone tethering (the two are currently separate, presumably at Apple's request) so Vodafone customers with a Wi-Fi only tablet will soon be able to access their smartphone data it seems.

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