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Oracle discloses paying a blogger during Google trial

Oracle discloses paying a blogger during Google trial
Oracle reveals it had a blogger and university professor on the pay-roll

Software company Oracle has revealed that it had a financial relationship with an influential blogger during its legal fight against Google.

A US judge had instructed the two parties to disclose any payments made to people who could have influenced the patent infringement trial.

Oracle had claimed $1bn in damages from Google after claiming the search giant had used its technology to create the Android operating system. The suit was dismissed, although Oracle plans to appeal.

Oracle revealed 'relationships' with blogger Florian Mueller of the FOSS patents website and Stanford University professor, Paul Goldstein.

On the other hand, Google says it did not pay "journalists, bloggers, or other commentators to write about this case."

Independent reporting

The judge presiding over the case had expressed concern that financial relationshops may have influenced the analysis of the proceedings online.

German blogger Mueller told the BBC: "In April, I proactively announced a broadly-focused consulting relationship with Oracle, six months after announcing a similar working relationship with Microsoft.

"I can also certify that I wrote all of my blog posts on the trial independently, without being directed or influenced by anyone."

Via: BBC