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Samsung's new app lets you record mobile gaming sessions

Samsung's new app lets you record mobile gaming sessions

Samsung has launched a new application at this year's E3, allowing you to record a gaming session on your smartphone.

There are a variety of apps claiming to offer this functionality, but Game Recorder+ has the advantage of coming from a trusted name and boasting additional features including capturing your face and commentary alongside game play.

The app also claims it can improve performance during your session with its "game boost" feature, which optimises system memory to provide you with additional power.

It's able to capture footage in up to full HD, and you'll get the option to trim the video once the recording has finished - handy if you need to edit out that embarrassing death right at the end.

Early reviews on the Play store reveal a mixed reception, which some people complaining about poor frame rates, game lag and its incompatibility with the Galaxy S6 Active.


There are a couple of crucial catches. First up with this being a Samsung application it will only run on the firm's smartphones - and a handful at that.

That means you'll need a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, Galaxy Note 4, Note 3 or Note 2 to utilize Game Recorder+.

There's more bad news for those residing in Europe and Samsung's homeland, South Korea, as the app currently isn't available in these regions.

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