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Kyocera unveils folding OLED mobile phone

Kyocera's OLED concept
Kyocera's OLED concept

Kyocera has shown off a new level of gadget cool at CTIA by unveiling the EOS folding OLED mobile phone that can change shape to suit your needs.

Made of a semi-rigid polymer screen, the thing doesn't even have a traditional battery, instead powering itself of your movement.

The phone can be folded into a variety of different shapes for changing needs, such as completely flat for widescreen video viewing or a more traditional netbook shape.

It incorporates a low-power flexible OLED as well, although given that it's a concept it could probably turn into a magic carpet and fly you to the moon, as designers are free to make up pretty much whatever they want with these things.

Clever keys

However, the idea of shape memory is pretty cool, allowing the keys to pop up when needed and blend back into the surface of the unit when you want to do something else. This is an idea that could be included in other touchscreen devices and would solve the problem of an absence of a physical keyboard.

Obviously there's no release date on this little wonder, but the magic contained within is apparently set to be used on future Kyocera projects, according to the manufacturer.

We say they better pull their fingers out and do it soon as TechRadar will be asking for 10 of these EOS models for Christmas.

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