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HTC Firestone emerges as Touch HD replacement

The new HTC Firestone renderings
The new HTC Firestone renderings

HTC's leaked roadmap earlier this year showed a number of phones – and the high-end Firestone is the latest to appear on our radar.

The Windows Mobile 6.5-toting device is said to be something of a replacement for the Touch HD phone released last year, and certainly looks the part.

In the latest picture / rendering from a phone fan, the Firestone has a weird metallic grill in the bottom left hand corner, which would certainly be an odd place for a speaker.

Make a better camera!

It apparently also has an 8MP camera on board as well, which although is in line with the statement HTC gave us earlier this year, is a bit of a worry when you consider how the 5MP effort on the Hero wasn't up to scratch).

There's also still no flash shown in the image, which we'd rather have than improved megapixels.

The new phone is also said to be packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz chip (seen in the disappointing TG01) which would mean whizz-bang speeds in a touch friendly handset.

Apparently slated for release in August (and nearly everything else on the roadmap has come true so far) the new Firestone phone would likely land with WinMo 6.1 (yawn) and then get a free upgrade to 6.5 (yay!).

Via Engadget and WM Poweruser