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Get in the mood for Google's Pixel unveiling with these new renders

The Google Pixel
An artist's impression.

Google is expected to make a whole host of announcements at its special event on Tuesday October the 4th, and during the course of the proceedings it would be a huge surprise if we didn't get news of two brand new Pixel phones.

Hats off to tech channel Rozetked for some fantastic-looking renders it's put together and tweeted out over the weekend - they're not leaked from official sources but they give us a good idea of the look of the hardware Google has got waiting in the wings.

The artist responsible has even sneaked in a gold model, which seems to be compulsory for a new handset launch in 2016. We wouldn't be complaining if Google did indeed follow the trend here.

Sneak leak

The renders are based on some of the leaks we've heard about the Pixel and the Pixel XL so far, and the phones definitely look the part against a natural background. We're expecting a camera and fingerprint sensor around the back, and maybe a Google logo too.

If you like your renderings from more official sources then these recently leaked pictures might be just what you're looking for. Of course nothing has been confirmed by Google yet, but so much information has appeared online in recent months that we've now got a pretty good idea of what we're getting.

All eyes will be on Google's show on Tuesday and we'll bring you news of the rumoured Pixel and Pixel XL as it breaks. Also tipped to be appearing: Google Home and a laptop running both Android and Chrome OS.

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Via PhoneArena