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BlackBerry gives 1 hour a day more work time

The RIM BlackBerry service can convert an hour of downtime into productive time

The average BlackBerry user can get in an extra hour of work a day according to BlackBerry maker Research In Motion's latest research.

Results from the study carried out by Ipsos Reid revealed that BlackBerry users on average convert 60 minutes of 'downtime' into 'productive' time each day by using their BlackBerry messaging devices. Workers on the move using BlackBerrys also boost team efficiency by 38 per cent, the study showed.

Email on the move enables users to be more efficient generally. The average BlackBerry user processes 2,500 time sensitive emails and 1,200 time sensitive phone calls a year.

RIM's study reckons that the average BlackBerry user saves his company over $5,000 (£2,500) per year. This figure takes into account the average salary of BlackBerry users, and the downtime a company recovers over the course of a year (250 hours) by the employee using a BlackBerry.

The study also estimates a cost saving of $230 (£115) per user for adopting BlackBerry compared to other ways of accessing remote servers for push email. RIM's stats are based on a study of 1,335 BlackBerry users and 1,387 IT managers across the world.