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Telstra gives customers six months of free Wi-Fi

Telstra gives customers six months of free Wi-Fi

If you’re sick of Telstra’s notoriously stingy mobile data limits, you’re in luck – Telstra is offering millions of its customers free access to its Telstra Air Network until June 30, 2016.

Launched back in June, the Telstra Air Network allows you to use your home data allowance at thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across Australia, found in such places as old payphones, shopping centres, public transport hubs, and even at 17 million Fon Spots worldwide.

One catch – being a Telstra Air member means enabling your home modem to broadcast Wi-Fi to other members of the service.

Thankfully, this new offer provides existing and new Telstra Air members with unlimited quota-free access to the Telstra Air Network, so long as you stay within your home data allowance.

“As Australians hit the beach, head to the coast and relax in our parks we’re giving eligible customers free Wi-Fi at thousands of Telstra Air hotspots across the nation,” said Neil Louis, Telstra’s Head of Wi-Fi.