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Sony Ericsson brings C905 and S302 snappers

The new 'affordable' Sony Ericsson S302
The new 'affordable' Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson got all release-happy today by unveiling a slew of new phones as well as some other connectivity gubbins.

The C905 is an 8MP snapper that pushes the limits of what camera phones are supposed to be able to achieve - but then again we brought you all the juicy details on this puppy last week.

Also peeking its little mobile head out is the F305, which again, you may remember appearing on this site not so long ago. A gaming device to keep the PSP phone rumours in the mix, it’s the first of the new ‘F for Fun’ series.

Snap attack

However, the cheeky Japo-Swedes have also thrown another model into the mix - the S302 Snapshot.

We’re talking mid-to-low end of the market, with a 2MP digital camera, 20MB internal memory and all other basics, such as Bluetooth and USB transfer.

However, the phone does look lovely and glossy, and comes with an M2 expandable memory slot. This means that if you’re in the market for a cheap phone (and remember a huge amount of people are) then pair this with a high capacity memory card and you’ve got a fairly good mobile media centre.

Of course, we could say this about all phones with expandable memory really, but with EDGE connectivity and the choice of either Thunder Grey or Crystal Blue, the details are slightly sparse.

Expect this little tyke to arrive with its new siblings in Q4 2008.