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Sony Ericsson adds OLED screen to phone

The Sony Ericsson S001
The Sony Ericsson S001

Sony Ericsson may be struggling a bit at the moment, but that hasn't stopped it coming out with another good-looking, top-end phone.

The S001, which will unfortunately be exclusive to Japan and the KDDI network, sports a massive 3.3-inch OLED screen for displaying gorgeous pictures and to aid easy movie watching.

The camera looks fairly similar to the one seen in the flagship C905, released in the UK at the end of last year, featuring a 8.1MP sensor, AF, smile shutter and a protective lens cover.

Making a connection

Add 3G connectivity, GPS, mobile TV (it will catch on in the UK at some point... honest) and probably Wi-Fi to that, and you're seeing a phone that people would definitely want.

The styling, which looks a bit like an intimate moment between the C905 and the Xperia X1, is certainly something different, but we're loving the massive OLED screen. We will try and get a handset sent all the way over to Blighty to show you how different it looks to a 'normal' mobile phone.

We've also phoned / begged Sony Ericsson to bring this handset over here and we're awaiting its reply (though don't hold your breath).