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Video: Google Chrome auto-translates websites

Latest version of Chrome auto-translates websites
Latest version of Chrome auto-translates websites

Google's latest version of its Chrome web browser offers the option of automatic translation of websites, as well as much improved privacy controls.

Google latest beta version of Chrome will allow users to specify that they want every web page they view in a certain language, and the option to set privacy controls specific to individual websites.

The move means that web users who speak languages that currently have small amounts of web content will now be able to view a machine-translated version of the entire internet.

Instant translation

"The Google Chrome team is excited to introduce a new beta feature to help our users navigate the multilingual web: instant machine translation of webpages, without the need for any browser extensions or plug-ins," says the Google Chrome Blog.

"When the language of the webpage you're viewing is different from your preferred language setting, Chrome will display a prompt asking if you'd like the page to be translated for you using Google Translate."

The latest developments in Google Chrome arrive at the same time that Microsoft has begun its browser ballot in the EU, offering European internet users the choice of 12 different browsers.

Check out the video of the translation browser here: