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Google testing combined search across Gmail, Google

Google Gmail search trial
Searching speeds up

In its persistant effort to make searches faster and more personalized, Google announced Monday it's now offering an open field trial to bring search results to Gmail, plus infuse personally relevant information in regular search engine inquiries.

Anyone can sign up to test it out, opening the door once again after the company initially corralled testers back in August. Users simply need an "" email account to get going.

This field trial is broader than the first go-around, according to a company blog post.

All in all, the new service is designed to make it "easier to find your stuff across Google, whether you're searching on or searching in Gmail."

Getting down to Google tax

Through the trial, users can punch in a term while in Gmail and relevant emails plus results from Google Drive, Google Calendar and other spots will instantly appear.

On the flip side, search through and results will display relevant info and messages from Gmail, plus files, documents, spreadsheets and more from Drive.

During the initial trial, Drive documents, spreadsheets and files weren't part of the search equation. Google's changed that with Monday's launch.

Contact information will also pop up in searches, according to AllThingsD.

Via Official Gmail Blog, AllThingsD