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Google's Chris Messina talks Buzz and the social web

Google Buzz
"Google will be one node on a vast social web"

Following Chris Messina's panel at South by South West Interactive (SXSWi), where the open web advocate talked about Activity Streams, our colleagues on .net magazine caught up with him to talk about Google Buzz and the social web.

Messina admits that Google has a lot to learn when it comes to the social web, but says that "Buzz is a really good first step in that direction, a very strong bold step."

Messina says that Google is now going through a process of "rapid iteration" with Buzz, and says that Google has done "an exceptional job to listen to a lot of the feedback, taking it in, mulling it over, having tonnes of conversations and then figuring out how they are going to respond, explaining how they are going to respond, then doing it and following through and explaining what they did."

There are things that could have been done differently, admits Messina, although he adds that he's not sure that could have been done "better or more right. At some point you have to take your best stab at it and see what happens and now there's a great deal of learning going on."

Messina then goes on to talk about Google's social web ambitions.

Watch the interview below.