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Google Goggles gets revamped - solves your Sudoku for you

Google Goggles gets an upgrade
Google Goggles gets an upgrade

Google has announced a new version of Google Goggles for Android, which speeds up the service's image recognition and has the added bonus of solving your Sudoku puzzles.

The new and improved scanner allows users to scan a barcode or QR code and have the results appear in seconds.

That's right, no button presses – just a little bit of vibration when the app offers up results.

Goggle eyed

A new feature for Google Goggles is the inclusion of recognising print adverts from US magazines.

Although this isn't a UK specific feature, the idea you can hover over an image in a print ad and it will recognise and give you search results when you scan it.

Finally, Google Goggles will complete the number puzzle for you in the time it takes you to figure out how to spell Sodu Sudu Sudoku.