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Google Pixel vs Pixel XL: which has the better battery?

Google's new Pixel smartphones are now out and ready to buy. But before you splash the cash on one, you deserve to know which has the better battery life.

We weren't impressed with the battery life of the Google Pixel in our full review and the Pixel XL didn't offer incredible stamina either.

For that reason we pitted the Pixel vs the Pixel XL in our battery test to compare how each phone performs when browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos and playing Real Racing 3.

Watch below to find out which phone wins out:

James Peckham

James is Phones Editor for TechRadar and covers all the big announcements from the best manufacturers making mobile phones, tablets and wearables. Based in London, James is often testing out the latest and greatest mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, VR headsets and - when he can be motivated to go outside - fitness bands. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all the latest from the mobile world.