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Galaxy Note 8 set to be a multimedia powerhouse

One of the top things we like about the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones is the multimedia prowess they offer, and it looks like the Galaxy Note 8 is going to push that bar even higher.

Speaking on conference call to discuss Samsung's earnings, an unnamed executive said the company's focus for the new phone was to make it more entertaining than previous models.

“The Galaxy Note series, first launched in 2011, come [sic] with a range of multimedia features, including the large-size display, and S Pen, only available with the smartphone models,” said the source, according to The Investor.

“The Galaxy Note 8 will feature more advanced, richer multimedia functionalities.” 

No, really?

OK, it's not the most exciting thing to hear, that a brand is going to make it's top phone better, but the focus on multimedia has never been the primary selling point from Samsung.

However, it's succeeded in that segment largely due to its Note screens being labelled the best in the market every year, and supporting Hi-Res Audio playback through headphones (and it looks like the Note 8 will have a jack for your cans too).

If Samsung is pushing the Note 8 to be a media engine, then that could mean a better focus on music enhancement, a hub for all streaming services or a much-improved screen technology to offer more pixels or richer colors.

Either way, we'll know in a few weeks as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date has been set for August 23 - and we'll be on hand to bring you everything you could possibly want to know about this new phone.


Gareth Beavis

Global Editor-in-Chief

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