Zadak 511 puts 32GB of memory onto a single stick of RAM

Zakak 511 Shield DC Aura2 RGB

While 32 gigabytes of memory is a hearty helping of RAM for any PC, imagine having all of that packed into a single DIMM?

Well, Zadak 511 has done just that and is now showing off its first 32GB stick of Shield DC Aura2 RGB DDR4 memory on Weibo. By utilizing a new DC DIMM format, ZadaK 511 was able to create this RAM with an incredibly high-capacity far greater than the usual 8GB memory DIMMs we’re used to seeing.

The Shield DC Aura2 RGB memory also runs at 3,200MHz at 1.35V with CL14-14-14-34 timings, which is all impressive for such a dense module. Of course, the major drawback of this double capacity memory is its double tall size, which may make it incompatible with a majority of air-based CPU coolers.

Zakak 511 Shield DC Aura2 RGB

Before you start thinking there’s no way this is going to work with any PC you could ever buy or build, the DC DIMM format is a non-JEDEC standard that’s designed for forthcoming Z390 motherboards like the Asus Maximus XI.

So soon after Intel Coffee Lake Refresh processors are announced, we may well start to see PC builds with a mind bending 256GB of memory. That said, we see DC DIMMs being more beneficial to Mini ITX motherboards that only have two available memory slots.

Unfortunately, there’s no word of when or how much Zadak 511’s Shield DC Aura2 RGB DDR4-3200MHz Double Capacity 64GB (2X32GB) memory kits will sell for as of yet.

Via Wccftech

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