Your next off-road e-bike should be a Harley Davidson

Serial 1 BASH/MTN
The Serial 1 BASH/MTN ebike in action (Image credit: Harley Davidson)

Harley Davidson’s latest bike isn’t its signature chopper, but an all-terrain single-speed electric bike. The BASH/MTN, part of Harley Davidson’s Serial 1 line of ebikes, is said to be inspired by one of their engineer’s custom MTB build, and it looks like a seriously good fixie. 

The bike has a 529Wh lithium-ion battery integrated into the frame, with all wiring threaded internally through the frame as well, for a clean look. There’s no thumb button or twist throttle required here.

Instead, the mid-mounted Brose S Mag motor packs an electronic torque sensor, which is said to "automatically register the pressure the rider applies to the pedals and instantly provide a commensurate amount of electric assistance" to help the rider surge forwards. 

This is done in one of four modes: Eco mode for light assistance on flat ground, Tour mode for mixed riding such as variable trails, Sport mode for cornering and tackling hills, and Boost mode for steep climbs. You change modes with the handlebar control unit, positioned between your thumb and forefinger for ease of access. 

Serial 1 BASH/MTN

(Image credit: Serial 1)

The single-speed and locked frame should provide enormous amounts of feedback, so to offset all those trail bumps and bruises, Harley Davidson has incorporated a suspension seat with a travel distance of 50mm (about 2 inches), allowing you to weather even the roughest trails with impunity. You’ll even get a summary of each ride by connecting your bike to the Serial 1 app, providing detailed metrics on speed, ride duration, range, power output, battery efficiency and loads more.

Priced at $3,999 in the US, it’s a limited-edition bike, with 525 made for the US and 525 made for Europe. There’s no word just yet on UK or European price, but Australian riders and other countries are unfortunately out of luck.

Analysis: The new American Chopper

Serial 1’s latest effort looks, frankly, incredible. The price is steeper than some of the hills you’ll be tackling (and this is at the cheaper end of Serial 1’s offerings), but this single-speed, high-performance fixie is going to find a home with 1,050 dedicated off-roaders with cash to splash. 

We’re especially excited about the Serial 1 529W battery, cleverly incorporated into the frame, providing instance assistance on the toughest hills with no throttle required. It’s not the most powerful battery we’ve ever seen in an off-roader, but the intuitive-sounding mechanisms are exciting, especially on such a specialized bike.

The BASH/MTN’s limited-edition status and steep price means only a select few will be able to get ahold of Harley Davidson’s latest foray into e-bikes. However, if you’re after something cheaper for your commute, our list of the best folding e-bikes has a few budget-friendly entries.  

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