Your next iPhone may boot the bezel, boost the camera

A fresh batch of patents point to Apple potentially completely transforming the next iPhone, expected to be the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8

Thanks to not one, not two, but three new patents, we have a glimpse into what Apple may have in store.

The newly filed US patents suggest that in addition to a more powerful camera, Apple is working on a new kind of sensor that may let the iPhone ditch its bezels for a entirely full-screen display.

Specifically, the patents include concepts for a display-integrated light sensor, a way to split light using cubical prisms, and a miniaturized camera capable of what the filing calls “super resolution.” 

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The display-integrated light sensor is particularly notable, as it could potentially replace the sensors normally seen on the top part of an iPhone, allowing the screen to completely take over the entire front face of the handset.

As for the camera patents, the filings suggest a new way to utilize a light-splitting cube to break light down into its red, blue, and green components. Once digitized using a new sensor technology, the result is high-quality images using a small construction.

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before we’ll know for sure if Apple plans to outfit its next smartphone with a super resolution camera - or even what that entails, exactly.

However, we won’t be surprised if Apple continues to push the envelope on squeezing the most from those tiny lenses, especially in light of competitor Google’s recent claim that its Pixel phones boasts the highest-rated smartphone camera on the block. 

(Via AppleInsider)

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