You can now buy the TicWatch S2 in white

TicWatch S2
Image Credit: Mobvoi

The TicWatch S2 is one of our favorite affordable smartwatches you can buy at the moment, and the company has just introduced a new color alongside the standard black edition.

The white version - which you can see in the image above - is a bold look for a piece of wristwear, but it's something the company has been teasing ever since the original launched in early 2019.

It's now available directly from Mobvoi - the maker of the TicWatch S2 - and we expect to see it on sale through third-party retailers in the near future too.

If you want one, you'll be spending £165.99 / $179.99 / AU$282.99 for the privilege, and you can get it from the official Mobvoi website here.

If you live in the US, you can get 5% off by entering the code S2GLACIER at checkout.

When Mobvoi originally put the deal up, it allowed you to get 50% off using that same code and to get the watch for $89.99. The company has since confirmed this was an error, but it seems some managed to buy the watch for half its intended price.

Our TicWatch S2 review gave it four out of five stars citing its price as well as its durable design as two of its biggest highlights.

James Peckham

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