You can downgrade from Windows 11 to 10, but be quick

Windows 11 Recovery screen
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As more users try out the insider build of Windows 11, there’s plenty of discoveries being made. One of note is the ability to roll back to Windows 10, but only within 10 days of having the upgrade installed.

Plenty of people will be flocking to upgrade once the new operating system is released to the masses, but there will be the odd occasion where a PC will have trouble in running it, and issues will come to the forefront.

While System Recovery options have been in Windows for years now, this new feature of rolling back to a previous version of Windows, rather than a mid-year update, is something that will save a lot of time for users instead of attempting a clean install.

With this in mind, here’s how you will be able to roll back with no headaches, but within a time limit.

Downgrade, but with a time limit

Microsoft has made the process incredibly simple. You can easily roll back to Windows 10 by going to Settings > System > Recovery and selecting ‘Previous Version of Windows’.

However Lenovo has stated in its updated support document that this option will only be available for ten days, starting as soon as your machine is updated to Windows 11.

“Yes, once you have upgraded to Windows 11, you have 10 days to utilize the rollback function to move back to Windows 10 while keeping files and data that you brought along with you. After that 10-day period, you will need to back up your data and do a “clean install” to move back to Windows 10.”

Windows 11 Recovery screen, showing the rollback to Windows 10 unavailable

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This may cause a headache for some, especially if an issue appears after the ten-day time limit expires. But we are only at the start of testing Windows 11 on the Insider channels, so the time limit may be extended (or the feature may disappear entirely). For now though, it’s a useful feature that may benefit many, if only for ten days.

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