Hold on there - Windows 10 is still on schedule for an update soon

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With most of the talk being directed towards Windows 11, its predecessor is still in the midst of seeing another update, still on schedule for later this year.

After many rumors of what the ‘Sun Valley’ update would entail for Windows 10, it looks as though it grew into Windows 11, showcasing the new look and icons that were seemingly meant for Windows 10 or even the now-scrapped Windows 10X for mobile devices.

Many users don’t update right away when a substantial new update arrives, rather, they would prefer to wait until a year after its release at least. With updates and support from Microsoft still being applied to Windows 10 until 2025, there’s life in the operating system yet.

With this in mind, here’s what Microsoft has planned for Windows 10 to close out the year.

What’s in the Windows 10 21H2 update?

The October 2021 update for Windows 10 looks to support multiple cameras that support the Windows Hello feature, which allows a camera to scan your face to log you into your PC. 

The refreshed look of icons based on the new Fluent design language is also being applied to Windows 10, giving some unification with the new look of Windows 11. Already in the Insider builds it shows new icons for folders, Control Panel and more that have seen a refresh, but other features such as rounded windows and different animations are nowhere to be found.

Every Windows 10 update also brings minor fixes and improvements to performance, and this update also brings this in abundance, so you may find some aspects of the operating system working better than before.

Admittedly it looks like a minor update for Windows 10, but it’s understandable with Microsoft focusing more on its successor as we gear up to launch later this year. However, many users are going to be staying put with Windows 10 for the foreseeable future, so updates such as these will always be a welcome addition to a PC.

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