YesOJO Nintendo Switch speaker dock adds boom to your game box

The Nintendo Switch is a marvel when it comes to playing options, whether you've got it hooked up to a screen, in handheld mode or with its kickstand engaged on a tabletop. But when it's not sat in its TV dock it does suffer from two set backs – battery life, and audio oomph.

YesOJO, the team behind the team behind the first Nintendo Switch projector, is back with an all-new solution: a Nintendo Switch speaker dock.

Offering stereo sound from from two speakers, with a recess to slot the Switch into, it'll give your game a bit more volume, as well as a sturdier base for tabletop play.

Cool power

As well as the audio upgrade, the YesOJO speaker dock also doubles up as a battery pack, good for 12 hours of play time per charge, and a cooling unit which prevents your Switch from overheating when playing – important as the dock covers some of the console's venting.

If you've not got your Switch with you, the dock's not then rendered obsolete. It'll act as a standalone Bluetooth speaker and a separate power pack too.

Exact specs and pricing are yet to be revealed for the speaker, which should go on sale sometime in early 2019, dependent on the performance of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Gerald Lynch

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