Xiaomi announces Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner in India

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

After a teaser yesterday, Xiaomi has launched its new Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Mop P in India for Rs. 17,999. It is available in black colour option only and comes with a no-cost EMI option starting at Rs 2,999 per month.

The Mi vacuum cleaner has been introduced in India via Xiaomi’s crowdfunding program. Which means that the deliveries will only happen if the product gets at least 10,000 or more backers. Hence, in case the vacuum cleaner sells in good numbers, you can expect delivery starting September 15th. 

This smart vacuum cleaner is manufactured in partnership with Viomi and was first introduced in China last August. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Viomi is one of many ecosystem companies that is backed by and manufactures products for Xiaomi.

The Mi Robot vacuum cleaner would become one of the few robovacs available in India that is capable of sweeping and vacuuming simultaneously. Though it has an individual Sweeping-only and Mopping-only mode as well.

It comes equipped with 12 different sensors including an LDS Laser Navigation System and an IF sensor that help the vacuum cleaner find its way while avoiding obstacles like furniture, walls and even stops from falling down the stairs.

This smart robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi comes with a Japanese brushless motor offering a 2100pa suction for cleaning dust and debris effectively from the floor.

An inbuilt 3200 mAh rechargeable battery powers the robovac and is said to offer up to 110 minutes of cleaning time. In case of low battery, the inbuilt sensors guide the vacuum cleaner automatically to the charging dock.

Like any other smart home products, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Mop P can be controlled remotely via the Mi Home app. The app offers a whole lot of additional features like scheduling a cleaning time, spot cleaning, real-time mapping and more.