Xbox Series X restocks: Box brings ballot system back for new stock this month

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Box's Xbox Series X restocks have been rare over the last few months, however the online retailer has been offering a series of ballots in that time to ensure everyone gets a fair shot and buying the next-gen console. 

Shoppers sign up using their email address and then stock is allocated at random, with the lucky punters receiving an email with instructions on how to buy their Xbox Series X console. It's worth noting that you're automatically enrolled in Box's Xbox marketing email lists, but this can easily be sorted out once you've got that shiny new console under the TV. 

To register for Box's next wave of Xbox Series X restocks (to be held this month), simply enter your email address on their sign up page

More Xbox Series X restocks

If you don't want to provide your email address with Box's ballot, or you're looking for more Xbox Series X restocks in case you're not randomly selected, we'd recommend checking stock levels the retailers below. 

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