Antivirus deal: World's best security software has up to 60% off the normal price

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There are a lot of antivirus companies out there - all making lofty promises and claims. But in our latest round of testing, Bitdefender once again came out on top.

Its basic virus protection is absolutely watertight - that's a given - but it's all the extra features that really make it stand out from the crowd. And the good news is that Bitdefender currently has a brilliant offer to trim the cost of its three main packages.

The best of the best is Bitdefender Total Security, which currently has an almost ridiculous 60% off the standard price. That's a huge discount on complete online security for up to five Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices and throws in some genuinely handy extras like clean-up and maintenance tools, Time Machine and even a VPN.

Don't need all the bells and whistles? You can pay less for Bitdefender's less premium antivirus packages - with the most affordable Antivirus Plus starting from less than $2/£2 per month - and still get excellent, easy-to-use protection against hackers, phishing scams and cybercriminals.

So weigh up your options from Bitdefender's three options below and pick the one that's best for your household.

Discounted antivirus deals from our #1 provider:


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 | 3 Windows PCs | $59.99 Now $23.99 (£16 in the UK or 35AUD in Australia)
Our #1 rated antivirus. With multi-layered protection from viruses and malware, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 is the security software we most recommend to keep your PC secure.


Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 | 3 Windows PCS | $79.99 Now $31.99 (£20 in the UK or 50AUD in Australia)
Bitdefender's most advanced protection adds Network Threat Prevention and the company's own VPN into the mix. Protecting up to three PCs, it's great value for a family of PC users.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 | 1 year | 5 devices | $89.99 $35.99 | 60% off

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 | 1 year | 5 devices | $89.99 $35.99 | 60% off
As well as being one of the cheapest antivirus deals, it's coming from the world's best provider. Bitdefender Total Security comes with a microphone monitor, an anti-tracker (which keeps browsing data private), Wi-Fi Security Advisor and it boasts multi-layer ransomware protection. This constantly tracks any malware and records the cyberthreat's pattern to keep you secure online.

Click here if you're in the US (or anywhere else)
Click here if you're in the UK | £28
Click here if you're in Australia | $59.99

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Why do we rank Bitdefender so highly?

There's a multitude of reasons why we rank Bitdefender Total Security as the world's best antivirus, all of equal importance to the user.

Not only does it cover all your antivirus needs and deflects all possible threats coming your way - it also is extremely user-friendly and straightforward. Below we have listed our top five reasons for why we consider this antivirus software to be the best:

  1. Protects all systems: If you’re worrying that it won’t be able to defend your device, Bitdefender’s Total Security 2020 covers Android, Mac and iOS systems.
  2. Security: In our rigorous tests, we found that Bitdefender was one of the most impressive services out there for pure blocking of malicious software. So it will give you peace of mind once installed.
  3. Anonymity: All of its antivirus software seeks to ensure you remain anonymous online, also offering file encryption, firewall and anti-spam perks. 
  4. Affordable: Despite its lofty position in our best antivirus countdown, Bitdefender still has extremely competitive prices in comparison to other antivirus software.
  5. No compromise necessary: Bitdefender says that all of its antivirus software preserves your battery and the speed of your devices, so they keep running smoothly. We found that it doesn’t significantly interfere with your system’s speed or battery life, unlike other antivirus software.
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