World's first sound-activated cinema ad arrives in UK cinemas

World's first sound activated cinema ad arrives in UK cinemas
Lynx's interactive ad

UK cinema-goers who turn up for The Dark Knight Rises may have a chance to check out the 'world's first ever sound-activated cinema ad' from Lynx.

Five Odeon cinemas in London, Liverpool, Manchester and, wait for it, Scotland, will show the advert and encourage audience participation.

"The audience are invited to pick which girl they find the 'most demanding' and cheer for the clip (and girl) they would like to see in full – whichever one receives the loudest response is then played in full before the main feature film begins," explains the press release.

The Lynx effect

Apparently, an audio triger is linked to a server which will guage the interaction and feed the result back to the screen 'in real time'.

Of course they could be just making this up as some elaborate joke and there is no microphone, but that seems unlikely.

Kavi Tolani, brand manager for Lynx, said: "Lynx is always looking for new opportunities to engage with its audience in an innovative and creative way, particularly as the digital age is upon us.

"It's really exciting to see Lynx getting involved in technology that is both the future of cinema and future of advertising.

"Hopefully the guys in the cinema will be able to learn something from clips that's useful to them in the mating game too."

We're fully expecting someone to start making movies that use this technology, so we'll be getting ready to cheer for the aliens to win in Independence Day 2.

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