The ITA is a virtual reality non-profit group you should know about

VR isn't just about gaming

Gaming may have been the most lucrative place for virtual reality, but it's clear that's not the only space where it can live. As explained by Schneider, who works at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, there's been quite a lot of research done in universities that has been government funded and backed by various VR companies - and not all of it has been gaming-centric.

Schneider further elaborates: "It's not limited to gaming. The S3DGA was founded to represent the needs of the 3D gaming industry but the Immersive Technology Alliance is looking at representing the needs and interests of those technology groups - we're not tied down to specific content."

Epson Moverio

He detailed Epson's augmented reality glasses as an educational training tool with practical use, and company Next3D which has been developing a special virtual reality camera rig to create VR movies.

Price also noted his involvement within the gaming realm where tech has "always been on the cutting edge." To him, the new gaming hardware and software constantly popping out of the woodwork makes it a natural fit for virtual reality but he also said it "isn't the only place for VR."

Exciting times ahead

With wearables on the rise and all the talk of "next-gen" well, everything, it's looking more and more like the perfect time to splash onto the tech scene with VR. As with all change, there's bound to be backlash but the increasing uses for virtual reality, or immersive technology, remains rife with possibility.

The sheer determination of the ITA and its members to continue pushing forward is really what the tech space is about. It's never clear in the developing stages whether something will stick or get old, but it's definitely clear that VR won't go down without a fight.

I asked whether virtual reality is a fad or gimmick that people will eventually move on from but both Price and Schneider shook their heads. Price noted that VR is an "early emerging set of technologies" that the ITA wants to bring together and connect to "grow a lasting ecosystem."

As for the companies within the Alliance and how they'll fare in the coming days, there's a distinct pride when Schneider says, "They're all fighters ... every person in that room [during the inaugural meeting] has a wonderful story to share and they're all fighting stories and that's really what this industry is based on."