Sony tweets new smartwatch teaser as a tipster weighs in

Update: In addition to Sony's own tweets, an in-the-know source has spilled a few beans over what he/she says is a very real gadget.

Speaking with CNET, the source claimed Sony's new watch will be a successor to its SmartWatch MN2SW. The new SmartWatch will supposedly run some version of Android, own a larger touch screen than the MN2SW and feature a 3-icon layout beneath the display.

While that's all well and good (and still pretty vague), one interesting tidbit is that the device could come packing NFC, meaning easy syncing between phone and watch.

We should know all next week, so keep an eye on the clock, so to speak, for Sony's Tuesday media event.

Original article...

Over on Twitter, Sony is raining down clanging great hints about its plans to launch a new smartwatch.

Ahead of an event in Shanghai next week, Sony's official Xperia Twitter account has been posting such missives as:

"One in three smartphone users want smart wrist wear" alongside the neither big nor clever hashtag #itstime.

Clues everywhere

Also tagged in the tweet is Mobile Asia Expo 2013, which kicks off next week - there's a Sony media event planned for Tuesday.

Putting two and two together, we've come out with four and decided that Sony is probably going to launch a new Xperia-branded smartwatch at Mobile Asia Expo 2013 on Tuesday next week.

Of course, Sony already has the LiveView wearable remote, but in the light of the Pebble and the many and varied rumours of Apple's plans to launch an iWatch, we wouldn't be surprised to see Sony give the smart watch segment some love.

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