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This week's hottest reviews on TechRadar

If you weren't sold on the design of the Transformer Prime then the bad news is that not much has changed in that department. But with that rich HD screen and smoother user experience you might find yourself forgetting the these flaws. Let's just hope it comes in at the right price. Hands on: New Asus Transformer Pad review

10. Philips 65PFL9708 Ultra HD TV

Philips 65PFL9708 Ultra HD

There are much bigger Ultra HD TVs on show at IFA 2013, but don't underestimate the impact of a 65-inch screen with eight million pixels. As big as four 32-inch screens, Philips' 65PFL9708 is, at £4,500 reasonably priced when compared to the competition; Panasonic's 65-inch TX-L65WT600 unveiled at IFA will sell for £6,300. Hands on: Philips 65PFL9708 review

11. LG 55LA9700 Ultra HD TV

LG 55LA9700 Ultra HD

There's certainly nothing retro about the 55-inch 55LA9700 we spent some time with. Despite the extra pixels on show, this is all about audio. It's got a small subwoofer embedded in the TV's rear that can be glimpsed from behind, but the 55LA9700's star turn is unquestionably its drop-down Sliding Speaker. Hands on: LG 55LA9700 review

12. LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV

Hands on: LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED review

That richness of colour, the domination of pure – as in, total – black and awesome contrast is often underplayed by commentators, but OLED remains the best thing we have in flat telly. That's underlined by a silky, life-like smoothness to motion that's a big advance even on high-end LED TVs. But why would you buy a curved one? Hands on: LG 55EA9800 review

And the rest of the week's reviews...

13. TomTom Go 6000

tomtom go 6000

The TomTom Go 6000 is an exceptional sat nav. Kudos to TomTom for rethinking the device from the ground up to produce an even more-compelling companion to your journeys. The experience you'll enjoy when using this compared to what you'll get from a smartphone or even an older sat nav is incredible. You won't be second guessing what's around the corner or waiting for the signal to catch up - and while that will cost you, it's money well spent. TomTom Go 6000 review

14. ZTE Blade V

ZTE Blade V review

The ZTE Blade V is a phone that will both perplex and amaze you in equal measure; it's not the most auspicious opening for a new handset, but it's one that had us scratching our heads a little. For on the one hand, you're looking at a phone that can be had for as little as a shade over £70 in the UK, and it comes with a, frankly unbelievable, quad core Qualcomm processor, clocked at 1.2GHz and backed by a solid 1GB of RAM too, which means it should fare pretty well in the speed stakes. Hands on: ZTE Blade V review

15. HTC Desire 601

HTC Desire 601 review

It's hard to see which consumers will plump for the Desire 601 unless it gets a huge marketing boost – there's still not enough appetite for 4G speeds on a mobile to make it the reason to buy a phone and that seems to be HTC's ploy. It's certainly one that resonates with networks, and may serve to bring enough carrier spending to push the 601, but with so many similar phones on the market this could be a tough sell. Hands on: HTC Desire 601 review

16. Sony QX10

Sony QX10

Sony's focus at the moment seems to be innovation, and it's done it once again with the QX range. For some time, camera manufacturers have struggled to keep up with camera phones in terms of instant connectivity and ease of use. This is the first time we've seen something designed to work with your phone, rather than beat it. Hands on: Sony QX10 review

17. Sony QX100

Sony QX100 review

Like its sibling above, the QX100 has all the elements of a compact camera contained within something that's the same size as a small interchangeable lens. So, not only do you have the lens itself, you also have the sensor, image processor and memory card. You don't, however, get a screen - because you don't need one, that's what your smartphone or tablet is for. Hands on: Sony QX100 review