One More Thing: Tricky Mars Rover Kinect game hits Xbox

One More Thing: Tricky Mars Rover Kinect game hits Xbox
Two dog pictures in today's OMT. Two. What treats

Mars bar - We could've been astronauts but we lacked the physical ability, the level of intelligence required and the basic motivation to train. Happily we can pretend like we do possess all those things by carrying out the seven-minute Mars Rover landing sequence with full body motion control using Mars Rover Landing for Microsoft Xbox Kinect. Related: Nasa's AR iOS Mars Rover app. [Xbox]

IM ER GURD - Facebook was briefly in hot water as it "accidentally blocked" Redditors' fave image upload site Imgur but pulled it all back with a personal confession from the engineer who did it and a picture of his dog in a bandana (see above). Insta-forgive. [TNW]

Get involved - Wikipedia is shedding admins and editors left, right and centre – in summer 2007 it had 50,000 users making five edits or more per month and this year that figure has dropped to 30,000. Support your local Wikipedia page. Sign up. And don't post too much crap. [The Atlantic]

AR…GH - Some people really don't like AR headsets. For example three people in a Parisian fast food joint who tried to rip permanently-attached EyeTap Digital Eye Glasses from Dr Steve Mann's head for some reason. We wonder if Google has factored this prejudice into its Google Glass launch plan? [Eye Tap]

Eye Tap

WANTED - "Web users for fairly safe journey. No wages, temperate climes, long hours of surfing. Sound return guaranteed. Honour and recognition unlikely." Google has added 360-degree imagery of the Antarctic's in- and outdoor locations to Google Maps for not-really-all-that-intrepid-now-you-come-to-mention-it explorers everywhere. [Google]

Tales of dogs and feet - Someone has swept back through the dusty annals of time to find the first even Instagram photo from way back in nineteen-dickety-the-other-year. It is of a dog and a foot. [Instagram]

First Instagram photo

Doug - Digg founder Kevin Rose says Digg lost its way because "Twitter became a major place to find out what was breaking" and "Facebook became a place to share links". Rose says this is the social media growing up. Sure, growing up, moving on… same diff. [WSJ]

What would Austen say - We can't guarantee it but we're fairly sure if it weren't for the advent of ebooks, the world would not have to put up with smut-merchants releasing classic literature like Pride and Prejudice with added "graphic sex and fetish scenes". Well. Thanks for that, 50 Shades of Grey. [Stylist]

You wouldn't steal a car – Music commissioned by a music rights group for an anti-piracy advert (you know the one) was used and reused again and again without the composer's permission or a sniff of payment. This week the music rights group lost the court case against it and will have to pay up. What delicious irony. [Torrent Freak]

Sign of the timelines - The first teaser for M. Night I've-forgotten-how-to-make-a-decent-film Shyamalan's next thing After Earth is so internet it looks like a Facebook advert. [Vulture]

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