One More Thing: Is Amazing Alex actually amazing?

One More Thing: Is Amazing Alex actually amazing?
Looks more annoying than amazing

Step aside Angry Birds - There's a new Rovio game in town: Amazing Alex is out now for iOS and Android so you can decide for yourself if it's worthy of the name. [PR]

50 Shades of ugh, whatever - Comet reckons a 71% up tick in Kindle sales oop north is thanks to the hype around 50 Shades of Grey. Apparently it's actually physically impossible to read it in paper form from the privacy of your own home. [PR]

Cruise control - Happy birthday to live satellite TV, 50 years old today. And as a present, someone got it a scary Scientology channel. Honestly, who invited that guy? [SlashGear, Telegraph]

Behind the scenes – It's not just the Google Nexus 7, this happens in the TechRadar office every time we get a new product in. Man, do those ninjas love tech. [TalkAndroid]

You wait all day for an airbus… - Apps aren't just about games and train times, you know – Airbus has created bespoke iPad apps to form part of its Electronic Flight Bag, the software that contains manuals, navigation charts and help pilots to carry out take-off calculations. [Airbus]

Welcome to 1582 - Facebook has realised that its events calendar would be much better if it was laid out like an actual calendar. So at its latest hackathon, engineers made an events calendar that is laid out like an actual calendar. [Facebook]

facebook cal

AR oddity - Seeing them dance around on Mars might be enough for some but some of us want a go at controlling Nasa's adorable (and very important, hard working, incredibly clever) Mars-roving robots. Enter Nasa's new AR iOS app that lets you do just that. D'awwwwww. [Wired]

On yer bikeGoogle Maps now has cycling instructions for Europe and Australia - and the world's cheesiest promo video. [Gizmodo UK]

Raiding some tombs - Rihanna Pratchett has been announced as lead writer on Tomb Raider 2013. Surprised there are any tombs left to be raided, to be honest. [PR]

Interreactive - Microsoft's Edgar Wright-penned HTML5 interactive web comic extravaganza Brandon Generator has drawn to a close – the final episode is online now. [Brandon Generator]

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