One More Thing: Samuel L Jackson tweets with A vengeance

One More Thing: Samuel L Jackson strikes Twitter down with great (A)vengeance
Sam, we love you

Wham, bam, thank you Sam – If his recalling of Ezekiel 25:17 didn't fill you with fear, then you may want to check out Samuel L Jackson's Twitter feed, where he tears NY Times critic AO Scott a new one for not liking The Avengers. For the record, TechRadar likes ALL of Sammy L's films. Even Farce of the Penguins. Especially Farce of the Penguins. [Twitter]

Moon with a view – The Moon may look unspectacular most of the time – especially when it's oushined by the sun - but this weekend, the moon is to find itself some new powers and become a supermoon. If you are a star gazer then you should look at the sky tomorrow at 8:34PM Eastern Time or 2:34AM BST. Just don't look at the Sun. That would be bad. [SlashGear]

Iron Man man – A man has made the best-ever Iron Man cosplay costume. All together now (in the tune of Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man'): "I am Iron-Man, Iron-Man, I am." [Tech Gadget]

Zuckster's Billions – Facebook paper billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is set to become a real billionaire when Facebook eventually goes public. And he'll still keep hold of 57.3 per cent of Facebook, too – which is technically another billion in the bank. Not bad for a man that's going to celebrate his 28th birthday in 10 days. Git. [Gizmodo]

Top of the bots – When you have a press release come in that's title is Flying 3D Eye-Bots you know it's going to be read. And it was, and it was about Flying 3D Eye-Bots that could in the future be used by the police or crisis managers. Anyone with the surname Connor should be very worried. [Ubergizmo]

It's a bot that's 3D and has eyes. That's all you need to know

I don't Belize it – In a story that's unbelizeable in every way possible, John McAfee of anti-virus firm McAfee has been arrested in Belize for having an illegal firearm. He lives in the country and belize, sorry, believes that the arrest had something to do with him not paying money to a crooked politician. Sounds like that guy needs to step messing with web security and get in some real security. [Gizmodo]

Sound of the DRM – Today is Anti DRM Day, which means we should all be listing to music and watching movies that can be accessed on any device anywhere. This is great but we are sure the folks behind Star Wars day will have something to say about them encroaching on May the fourth. [DefectiveByDesign]

Kick in the privates – Over 113 million people who use Facebook do not use any privacy controls whatsoever. This doesn't mean that they go out of their way to invade people's privacy but haven't locked down their Facebook page, so any Tom, Dick or Harry can have a look. [Market Watch]

A bad rap – Hip-hop websites and RapGodFathers have by shuttered by the FBI for more than a year now and it seems that there's not been enough evidence to prosecute so they may well be re-opened. In the words of Adam Buxton rapping to NWA: "Help the police, help, help the police." [Wired]

The iPad's crap and here's how to improve it – These aren't the words of TechRadar – we are much more eloquent and prefer to use words like 'moreover' – but a YouTube poster who reckons the iPad's keyboard gestures should be improved and has started a campaign up about this very thing. We can think of a few gestures Cook and co may give this guy and not all of them are nice. [TheNextWeb]

Bonus video of the day - Okay we lied: here's the Samsung Galaxy S3 in all its glory. I know, we're sorry but at least we didn't mention the iPhone 5.


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