One More Thing: Rappers' delight at tooth-controlled MP3 player

One More Thing: Rappers delight at tooth-controlled MP3 player

Proper Grillin' – Rappers the world over love showing off their bling in the form of a teeth grill, but now there's one that can play tunes too. The Play-A-Grill has been created by artist Aisen Chacin and is a piece of jewellery that doubles as a tongue-controlled MP3 player. Wonder who will wear it first? Queen La-teether, Tooth-pac Shakur, Root canal Manuva? [New Scientist]

Pulling the plug – According to energy company E.On, there's now such a thing called plug apathy and it is costing Brits a whopping £260 million a year. And you are to blame – well, you are if you constantly keep your TV and router plugged in. We only leave hair straighteners and irons on throughout the day, so we have no plug apathy whatsoever. So...yeah. [PR]

Best Bud – Ever wanted to know how Budweiser is made? Well, there's a microsite for that. Called, you can enter the Born On code and see some behind-the-scenes footage of a bottle of Budweiser being made. While we think this would work better in an app / QR code situation it's a nice idea by the drinks company and the site is said to be completely platform compatible.

Doctor's app-ointment – Windows Phone users can now download the Healthy Choices app – offering up health information and helpful advice from the NHS Service. Perfect then for all those hypochondriacs out there. [Windows Phone]

Pay the man, pal – Pay Pal has announced a new in-store mobile payment scheme which can now be used in Oasis, Karen Millen and Coast. Interestingly, this is an app that doesn't use NFC – so it looks like the backlash is already happening.

YouTube will keep serving up crap – There's a tonne of absolute rubbish and copyrighted material on YouTube and it looks likely this will continue for a long time. The reason: it would cost Google $37 billion to pre-screen YouTube videos. Which, in new money terms, is 37 Instagrams. Google, if you are reading, we would do it for half that. And a packet of biscuits. [Gizmodo]

iLuv Leeds – Leeds has managed to get another shirt sponsor for next season and it's the folks from iLuv, which make speaker docks and the like. Get ready for a load of iLuv Leeds puns as of August then. [PR]

Spam is your friend – a new survey has found that 40 per cent of all social media accounts are spam, something we completely don't agree with. We have asked our 300 followers on Twitter who followed us specifically to have a 'good time', but they have yet to come back to us with their thoughts. [BGR]

MegaOffload – The New Zealand government has requested that the US gives up the evidence it has on the folks behind MegaUpload, including the king pin of the operation Mr Kim DotCom. Essentially they want access to DotCom's computer and this must be handed over by June 19. [BBC]

MC Solar Logitech has announced a new keyboard for Mac, iPad and iPhone that's powered by the power of the sun. Given that everyone at TechRadar Towers has seen Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and understand that solar power can be used for evil as well as good, we are not entirely sure if we can trust this new range of accessories.

But for those who aren't apathetic about their plugs the Logitech Keyboard K760 could well be for you. [CNET]

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