One More Thing: Nokia tries to diss the iPhone 5

One More Thing: Nokia tries to diss the iPhone 5
Ain't no party like a Nokia diss party

Logic - Nokia's done a new advert highlighting how the Lumia range is better than the iPhone 5 because it comes in different colours, while conveniently forgetting that iPhone cases have been invented. [Nokia]

Beastly bacon - All those wishing ill on Angry Birds makers Rovio might want to look away now: Bad Piggies is doing quite well. The follow-up game hit the top spot in the US iOS App Store in just three hours. [TNW]

Sartorial newsflash - "I mean, I wear the same thing every day, right? I mean, it's literally, if you could see my closet at home… My wife has a bunch of stuff. Although she has her drawer — primarily scrubs for the hospital — I get one drawer. And my drawer is about 20 of these gray t-shirts." Mark Zuckerberg, ladies and gentlemen. [CNN]

Spam - There's a new CAPTCHA in town, which hopes to educate you about human rights violations around the world while simultaneously confirming that you are not a spam-spewing bot. It has the added bonus of keeping unpleasant human rights violators at bay but will only work on people who aren't trying to be funny. [Civil Rights Defenders]


Gone to seed - Amazon's getting into the movie-making business. It's a family affair, as the film arm, Amazon Studios, has optioned the movie rights to the Amazon-published horror e-novel, Seed. There's no guarantee that Seed will actually make it to the silver screen, but if it does, Amazon will be crowd-sourcing feedback every step of the way. [TechCrunch]

Digicon - The BFI is going to digitise 10,000 films over the next five years and put them online for all to see, using a player it has imaginatively dubbed the BFI Player. As well as all that excellent online film action, it is working with Samsung on a TV application that will showcase exclusive bits and pieces from the London Film Festival, among other events. Cultural. [BBC]

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