One More Thing: Internet addiction is now classed as an illness

One More Thing: Internet addiction is now classed as an illness
We're in here all the time, but that doesn't mean anything ok?

No, no, no - Internet addiction is going to be classified as a mental illness in a proper medical encyclopaedia. Symptoms include emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal. Watch as we all shuffle uncomfortably. F5. F5. F5. []

Splinter - A French company has hand-crafted a wooden computer keyboard. At first we were all, "Wooden keyboard? Pah!" but then we looked a bit more closely and now we'd all like one. Might go out and hug some trees later, if you want to come. [Humans Invent]

Beebot - Scientists are studying the way bees smell and see and using their findings to build a self-navigating flying robot. Should we be encouraging this kind of behaviour? If Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that we should never mix insects and technology. Just ask Jeff Goldblum. [BBC]

Spin - Speaking of disturbing tech crossovers, here's a record player made of Lego that sounds wonderfully creepy, although that might be mainly down to the weird German record Ryan Alexander decided to play on it. [Makezine]

Gun slinger - A law student in Texas who leased a 3D printer from Stratasys found that the company took back their equipment when it discovered he planned to design a 3D printed gun. There are quibbles about the legality of this, obviously, but more about the fact that it would take a brave/stupid person to trust the gun enough to actually fire it. [New Scientist]

Got milk? - Team TechRadar shares an office with someone with a milk allergy, so we'll obviously be passing on the news that scientists in New Zealand have engineered a cow that produces milk almost entirely free of beta-lactuglobin. He'll be over the moo-n. Sorry. [Telegraph]

Animate the state - Forget live-blogging, Tumblr is going to Live-GIF the US Presidential debates. Man, politics is cool now. [Mashable]

Job lot - October 5 marks one year since Steve Jobs passed away, so of course Forbes is about to reveal all its 'untold stories' about the Apple co-founder including how he kept Bill Gates waiting once, and he hid some Porsches. Yes, we can see why they've remained 'untold' until now. [Apple Insider]

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