One More Thing: Hitachi's magic glass can store data forever

One More Thing: Hitachi's magic glass can store data forever
Glass: now better than dinosaurs

IDST – Hitachi has made a quartz glass plate that can store data until the end of time, instead of the traditional decade/century offered by CDs and USBs. Well, the end of time might be an exaggeration, but Hitachi reckons a few hundred million years at least. That's longer than we had dinosaurs for! [PhysOrg]

Wonderful Wizard of Woz - Steve 'Woz' Wozniak wants to move to Australia. That's all really. []

In the pink – Girls, it's acceptable to want a Galaxy S3 now that it's available in pink. Quizzically named Martian Pink, for now you'll have to journey to South Korea to get it. [

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Samsung Galaxy S3 in Martian Pink

Tick tock - SBB, the Swiss railway that's ticked off that Apple used its clock design in iOS 6, is planning to meet with Apple reps to sort the whole clock issue out. It's not planning to "upset them by asking for money" but it did point out that SBB owns the trademark to the design, so… [Cnet]

Settle Down - Although the jury's still out on whether the new No Doubt track is brilliant or awful, HP Connected Music has teamed up with Universal to bring Europe its only No Doubt performance of the year. Tickets to the exclusive Parisian gig will be offered by the tech company over the next few weeks, with HP planning more music shows over the next year. Hopefully the gig will be streamed online for the rest of us to enjoy too. [HP]

100m careful owners - EBay is celebrating its 100 millionth listing made from a mobile device, and 100 million app downloads. Apparently the first item bought on a mobile phone was a pair of sunglasses and the most popular item bought on a phone is phones. Meta. [PR]

Feeling Mappy - UK start-up Navfree has announced its 10 millionth registered user on Android and iPhone. To mark the landmark the company cheekily points out that it is now an alternative to Apple's maps. [PR]

Room with a view - TechRadar recently did a bit of moonlighting as a judge for for its best Kept Secret Award, where we had to pick the hotel with the greatest array of gadget goodness. And we can now tell you that Eccleston Square in London was the outright winner for the second year in a row. We would say it was the iPads in all rooms that did it for us, but it was the robotic bed that was the clincher. Seriously. []

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