One More Thing: Big headphones make you good at sport

One More Thing: Big headphones make you good at sport
All you need is a pair of Beats, some Adidas trainers and a McNugget Meal

Beatsy - It's a good time to be a headphone maker; not only are sales sky high at Amazon, but John Lewis is selling Beats like hotcakes – up by 116% since the Olympics began. Such is the power of product placement, we suppose. They won't make you any better at squash though. [John Lewis]

Mo money, mo old phones - The original iPhone 2G has hit eBay in mint, shrink-wrapped condition with a buy-it-now price of $10,000. So just a shade over what you pay for a brand new iPhone 4S then. [Phone Arena]

Hunllef - You don't really anticipate racking up outlandish roaming charges when you cross the border from England to Wales, given that we're all technically the same Kingdom and that. So sad times for a lady whose temporary SIM mucked up and withdrew £20 from her account every ten minutes while holidaying in Cwmdu, leaving her £27,000 in debt. Diwedd mawr! [Gizmodo UK]

Half baked - Everyone loves a novelty cake, even Microsoft. We're not sure if this actually is a table and a bunch of Microsoft Surfaces made of cake, or if it's just that everyone behind the table is eating cake, but let's just pretend that it definitely is a giant Microsoft Surface cake because otherwise we're just reporting on a bunch of geeks eating cake behind some tablets. [The Verge]

Danger mouse – McAfee has revealed that Andy Murray is the most dangerous British athlete to search for on the web, beating Ryan Giggs, Tom Daley and Mark Cavendish to the top spot for malware-riddled site results. So if you're hunting for info on the surly Scot, proceed with caution. [PR]

Sonorous - You can now play tracks stored in the Amazon Cloud Player on your wirelessly networked multi-room super sound Sonos system. Score (if you have an Amazon Cloud Player and a Sonos system. If not… soz). [SlashGear]

Le foot - Highlights from the SPL are going to be shown on YouTube next season. Herefollows a joke about that: What's a fish that begins with K and ends with K? Kilmarnock – a place in Scotland. Get it? Because place is like plaice. Yeah, probably a bit cerebral for you. [Cnet]

Chicken nuggets - Today's tenuous Olympics-related marketing stunt comes courtesy of Shutl, a UK startup that has offered fastest man on two legs Usain Bolt 1% of itself and "all the McNuggets you need" in exchange for two hours of his time helping it break the record for fastest delivery. If Bolt turns you down, Shutl, we'll gladly take that lifetime supply of nuggets off your hands, no worries. [TNW]

Speaking of the Olympics – Unlikely as it may seem, BAE Systems has used some of its fighter jet engineering know-how to help Team GB gain Taekwondo excellence. It's all down to an electronic scoring vest worn during training to help each contender work out how to get the most number of points as they spar. Technology, eh? [BAE]

Power to your pocket – Proporta's well handy TurboCharger Pocket Power is a teeny tiny wallet-sized charger that can give you an essential battery boost when your phone's out of juice. Only enough for a quick call or text, but that can make all the difference when you miss the last train home… Yours for £12.95. [Proporta]

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