News round-up: Monday 15 September

Come and getcher HTC Touch phones! Three released today, pahnd a dozen!
Come and getcher HTC Touch phones! Three released today, pahnd a dozen!

Look, we're sorry that it's Monday too. We wasted our entire weekend unsuccessfully lobbying for an extension until at least Wednesday, and yet still managed to bring you the finest cuts from the technology meat shank. No, don't thank us, please, just read on...

We kicked off telling you that Google had bought Korean blogging company Tatter, as it attempts to penetrate Asia's fourth largest internet market. Oh, and there's apparently proof parents don't want their kids looking at ads on TV. Brought to us by BT Vision. Which doesn't have ads on its kids' channels. Go figure...

Oh, and 3M (you know the company... don't you? They make Post-Its) has released a teeny projector. It won't replace the cinema, but is handy for the PowerPoint user who just can't stop moving but wants to show off a graph or two.

Moderation made a comeback too, as Amazon did a naughty when it 'accidentally' got rid of comments for Spore when the game was getting slated by fans for its uber-DRM, and YouTube decided to languidly modify its guidelines in a response to a US Senator, who demanded the removal of videos posted by Islamic radicals, back in May.

HTC went release CRAZY when it announced not one, not two... oh no, like a cockney barrowboy, it brings you THREE phones with a touchscreen, the HTC Touch HD (with a WVGA screen for hi-res viewing), the HTC Touch 3G (3G connectivity) and the HTC Touch Viva (for those who HAVE to have a touch phone, but on a budget.)

Best Buy must have had a great creative lunch when it cooked up the plan to buy Napster... the now-legal music service will soon be integrated into the plans of the US retailing behemoth, to complement the recent expansion into mobile phone departments of all its stores.

And in other news: Samsung announced a new Blu-ray laptop, parents are after more interaction from schools through text and email, and web-maker Sir Tim Berners-Lee gets a bit worried about the lies on the internet.

Oh, and apparently cheeky northern presenter Vernon Kay died. According to Wikipedia. Then it was proved he didn't. Many people went: 'Oh', breathed a little easier and then went about their usual business.

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